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Nezar Andary, Artistic Director

Nezar Andary received his bachelor's from Columbia University and his PhD from UCLA. Andary is passionate about fusion and is an accomplished academic, writer, filmmaker and curator. 


As a film producer and director, Andary's feature documentary entitled 'Unlocking Doors of Cinema' pays respect to an auteur, premiered at the Cairo International Film Festival in 2019.  Andary has simultaneously over the last four years produced over 10 documentary shorts for Arab Film Studio that have screened in over 50 festivals.


Andary holds the position of Associate Professor at Zayed University.  He teaches classes on literature, cinema, and Environmental Humanities.  His most recent publications include a work on Anthony Shadid, “Homage to Anthony Shadid: Literature of a Journalist,” as well as a study on Ibn Khaldun in contemporary culture and theatre, entitled “Confronting the Symbol of the Intellectual.” Andary is the co-editor of a book series, Focus on Arab Cinema for Palgrave MacMillan, and has recently published a book entitled Cinema of Muhammad Malas: Visions of a Syrian Auteur. 


Andary has curated various screenings in the UAE over the last fifteen years, most recently a series on Tolerance at Manaarat Saadiyat.  . 


With his own production Memories of Childhood a theatrical performance, he introduced the concept of documentary theatre to the UAE. 


Andary’s hope is that Al Sidr Environmental Film Festival becomes a strong tradition in the Arab World. 

Camilla Singh, Festival Producer

Camilla Singh is a multidisciplinary artist and curator whose practice includes installation, sculpture, drawing, photo and audio-based work, as well as performance, movement and collaboration. Singh has a history as an educator and an art critic. Her art practice is based in social research and investigative practices. She performs in the band MORTIFIED with dancer/choreographer Jenn Goodwin.


Singh is also the former Assistant Director/Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Toronto, Canada. She holds an MFA in Contemporary Studio Practice from the Dutch Art Institute in the Netherlands and a BFA from the University of Guelph, Canada. She has worked with Toronto’s Nuit Blanche in various capacities; as an artist Singh was commissioned to make two major interactive installations, as the Curator she presented Supernatural City with 10 installations by prominent international and local artists, she was the producer of MOCA’s independent projects, and she is currently a member of their Advisory Committee. 

Amna Mohammed Alsuwaidi

Amna Alsuwaidi is a holder of Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability from Zayed University as well as a certified first responder. She has been working with the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi for two years as an Outreach Programme Coordinator focusing on raising the environmental awareness of youth and communities in order to change their behavior to a more sustainable one for a greener future. Her focus on the environment stemmed from her love for our beautiful biodiversity and her realization that we need to approach the issues our planet faces from a different perspective, from the root cause; human behavior.

Rasha Ali Al Madfai
Rasha Ali Al Madfai is a Section Manager of Environmentally Sustainable Schools in Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD). In her role, she is responsible for increasing environmental awareness and development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Over the 18 years of her experience with EAD, she created and developed initiatives, programs, forums, applications, educational books and games, and summits targeting youth and educators in Abu Dhabi; i.e. Citizen Science, Train the Trainer, Envirospellthon program, sustainable school and sustainable campus initiatives, Green Majlis, School Field Trips, Eco Ranger, Eco Club Summit, Education Forum and Event, and E-Learning.
She served as the UAE focal point with UNESCO developing literature on water sustainability in the Arab World.
Al Madfai holds a Master's degree in Islamic Economics and Wealth Management from Zayed University, and a Bachelor's degree in Education and Science from the UAE University.

Khansa Al Blouki

Khansa Al Blouki is currently working as the Director of Environmental Outreach at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) aiming to cultivate habits of a sustainable environmental practice among diverse communities. Prior to this position, she was the Manager for Environmentally Sustainable Communities & Living Section heading the team and actively developing programmes relevant to UAE targeting the community at large, striving towards a sustainable community.
She has been associated with the organisation for nearly 14 years, working in the Public Relation and Communications Dept and as an Assistant Manager for the Environmental Campaigns Department.
She graduated from the Zayed University with a Bachelor’s degree in  Social and Behaviour Science, categorised under the Dean's List  for her exemplary performance. She received a Leadership Excellence Applied Diploma (LEAD) from Cambridge University’s Judge Business School in 2012.
She led the famous “TURN IT OFF” campaign initiated by EAD in 2010 in Abu Dhabi, and it was a big success in enhancing awareness on the different aspects of sustainability.  She led the “Vote for Bu Tinah” Campaign in 2011, a nationwide campaign to champion local biodiversity protection and raise the UAE’s environmental profile on the international stage. Bu Tinah was voted into the top 14 from an original list of 447 natural sites around the world.  Ms. Blouki managed the EAD Annual Environmental Awareness & Behaviour Survey in 2012 – 2013.  She with her team established EAD’s first volunteering platform called “Environmental Ambassadors.”



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