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In Suspension


Featuring artists Ayesha Hadhir, Maitha Al Omaira, Noura Alghafri, Reem Al Mubarak, Sarah Al Nuaimi and Shamsa Al Mansoori, the exhibition explores different practices of nature and our connection to Earth, whether personal, environmental, geographical or ecological. Curated artists will interpret the notions of nature and earthly elements distinctively, producing land art and sculptures that blend into the greenhouse. The exhibition will work as a critical meeting point where everyone wishes to escape digital domination and connect through art and nature.


Curated by Maitha Al Omaira and Walter Willems


In Suspension: Workshop 


Weaving Seascapes 

The workshop will be led by one of the artists featured in the exhibition, Sarah Al Nuaimi. Workshop participants will learn the basics of weaving and create a work of art inspired by the movement of the waves and colours of the ocean.


This exhibition was supported by DP World as part of Quoz Arts Fest by Alserkal.

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